EnviroPass® Pass-Through Consoles

EnviroPass® Pass-Through Consoles ensure you have the right equipment to ensure clean operation for your stringent particle requirements.

Each model features a safety glass viewing window standard unless otherwise specified in your custom application.

Each EnviroPass® Pass-Through is designed for your specified chemical resistance and particle control. High quality, heavy gauge  stainless steel construction is standard with acrylic, polypropylene and PVC construction available.

Double-sided doors can feature a mechanical interlocking mechanism that keeps personnel from simultaneously opening both sides of the chamber. When the unit only allows the opening of one door at a time, the amount of air that enters your environment is kept to a very small volume. 

Significantly cut down on contamination by providing a safer way to transfer equipment and industry related products from room to room.

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Quality is Priority

Complete welds, smooth seams, proper alignment – these are all fundamental to a quality product. Our technicians are focused on making your mission-critical pass-through the right way.

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Made in the USA

Quoted, designed, manufactured, and shipped – all from our facility in Dallas, Texas. We’re here to help you get the solution you seek and the service you deserve.

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Global Supplier

G2 ships our products around the world. We've offered global supply chain fulfillment for more than 20 years. Contact us today to get a quote specifically for your requirements and we'll take care of the rest.

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Custom Sizing

Customizing to meet your specific requirements is our specialty. Every installation, every job site, every wall – they all are different. We design and manufacture your EnviroPass® Pass-Through to meet your needs.

Solutions by Industry

Select an industry category to view pass-throughs commonly manufactured and supplied for each.

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Custom EnviroPass® Consoles

Every customer, facility, location, and job site has unique requirements for their installation. Walk through doors, ceiling height, extra wide, slanted top, special HEPA filtration, fan filter units (FFU), touch-free access, or ability to pass-through a push cart are only a few custom requests we've built for 20 years. All products are built in our manufacturing plant in the USA to your exacting requirements.


Product Videos

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