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Pass-Through Installation

EnviroPass® single-walled pass-through diagram

Typical allowance for cabinet rough-in wall cut-out is 1/2″ on all four sides. Insert cabinet body into wall cutout. Shim and level as needed. Once cabinet body is in place and level, check doors to ensure proper leveling in wall for door operation. Slide slip on flange onto cabinet. Installer must drill mounting holes in[…]

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How to Select a Pass-Through

EnviroPass® Custom Pass-through with Large window and shelves shown with doors closed

Step 1 ) Determine use…for Example: – Cleanroom / Semiconductor / Wafer fabrication – Pharmacy – Medical or Specimen Transfer – Pharmacy – Laboratory – Bio-Medical – Fire-Rated facility – Radiation/Cath Lab   Step 2) What type of floor do you require? –Raised Floor – Safe for most general facilities that are not concerned about[…]

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Types of EnviroPass® Pass-Through Consoles

EnviroPass® Custom Pass-through wall-height with see through windowsfront detail

G2 Automated Technologies specializes in multiple function Pass-Through Consoles. These units significantly cut down on contamination by providing a safer way to transfer equipment and industry related products from Room to Room. Made with a wide variety of materials, G2 will ensure you have the right equipment to ensure clean operation for your stringent particle[…]

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Determining Correct Pass-Through Size

Measuring Pass-through sizes diagram

It’s important to note that pass-through size is determined by the interior dimensions, but many customers use the external measurements for solicitations and proposal requests. The following table reflects some standard sizes, but G2 has the unique ability to build to size for custom facilities and specific requirements. Single Wall Pass-Through Example Exterior Dimensions W[…]