Custom Pass Throughs

Custom Pass Through Solutions

Every customer, facility, location, and job site has unique requirements for their installation. These are a few examples that demonstrate our ability to build to your specifications. Walk through doors, ceiling height, extra wide, slanted top, special HEPA filtration, fan filter units (FFU), touch-free access, or ability to pass-through a push cart are only a few custom requests we've built for 20 years. All products are built in our manufacturing plant in the USA to your exacting requirements.

  • enviropass-custom-pass-through-wall-height-front-detail

  • enviropass-custom-pass-through-wall-height

  • enviropass-6-custom-pass-throughs-installation-organ-transplant-center-operating-room-banner

  • enviropass-custom-pass-through-large-window-and-shelf-closed

  • enviropass-custom-pass-through-large-window-and-shelf

  • enviropass-6-custom-pass-throughs-installation-organ-transplant-center

  • enviropass-custom-pass-through-extended-wall-length-front-portfolio

  • enviropass-6-custom-pass-throughs-installation-organ-transplant-center-operating-room

  • enviropass-custom-pass-through-extended-wall-length-fron-opent

  • enviropass-custom-pass-through

  • enviropass-biologically-safe-stainless-pass-through-with-window-front-view

  • EnviroPass® stainless steel Modular Pass-Through Two Door Cabinet

Clean Room Design

We're here to help you with your clean room design and construction project.  For more than 20 years, G2 provides quality stainless steel furnishings and pass through chambers for hospitals, fabrication labs, medical laboratories, and research facilities. Custom design work is our specialty, because all our pass through interlock and chamber products are built in our manufacturing plant in the USA to your exacting requirements.

Request Your Custom Pass Through Design Quote

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We have 20 years of experience providing pass through solutions - all with a lifetime workmanship guarantee.