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Pass-Through Installation

EnviroPass® single-walled pass-through diagram
  • Typical allowance for cabinet rough-in wall cut-out is 1/2″ on all four sides.
  • Insert cabinet body into wall cutout. Shim and level as needed.
  • Once cabinet body is in place and level, check doors to ensure proper leveling in wall for door operation.
  • Slide slip on flange onto cabinet.
  • Installer must drill mounting holes in both wall flanges on site once cabinet is installed to ensure proper alignment of mounting holes with anchoring surface.
  • If cabinet includes additional optional wall mounts or supports, they may be anchored to studs once wall flanges are installed. G2 recommends that no screws be installed from optional under supports into bottom of cabinet.
  • G2 recommends anchoring cabinets with hardware through wall studs or preexisting cabinet mounting studs/headers in wall.
  • Once holes are drilled through both flanges and through wall, insert mounting hardware and secure. Thread locker may be used for additional security.
  • Wall flanges may then be sealed with silicone caulk or other sealant.

EnviroPass® single-walled pass-through diagram