ENVIROPASS Lead-lined solid-door pass-through cabinet in stainless steel for protection from radiation


Lead-lined Pass-Through with Solid Door

G2’s ENVIROPASS® lead-lined pass-through with solid door is designed for applications requiring lead shielding protection, such as those applications requiring protection from radiation. These double wall pass-throughs are lined with lead to protect users and sensitive equipment.

The ENVIROPASS® lead-lined pass-through can be purchased as in-wall units or floor-mounted.

Optional features for this pass through include removable shelves, lead-lined glass viewing windows in the doors, and various interlock options.

This stainless steel lead-lined pass-through is also available with lead-lined glass viewing windows.

The EnviroPass® Difference

Pass-through consoles used in hospital, medical, and industrial facilities can be opened and closed dozens or more times daily. EnviroPass® pass-through solutions perform day after day in critical installations. Pass-through failures can bring vital operations to a standstill. EnviroPass® pass-through chambers are built to withstand the rigors of intensive use.

What makes EnviroPass® pass-through transfer chambers the best choice for your pass through requirements?

  • Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Stainless Steel vs. Lighter Duty 18 or 20 Gauge Material
  • Safety Glass Viewing Windows Standard vs. Plastic Windows
  • Heavy Duty Hardware, Hinges, and Latches Standard for Long Service Life
  • Approval Process Prior to Production to Ensure Your Requirements are Met
  • Made in the USA – Work Direct with the Manufacturer, the Experts in Pass-Through Solutions
  • Twenty Years of Service and Support – We’ve Supplied Pass-Through Solutions for Critical Environments since 1999
  • Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee vs. Limited 30 or 90 Day Warranty

These features result in a longer, more reliable service life. Heavier gauge materials vs. the competition results in a much longer duty cycle. Safety glass resists scratches and chemicals better than competition’s standard plastic windows – they are also easier to clean. Our overall build quality and design is trusted and relied upon by biological research facilities, government laboratories, intensive care units, surgical centers, organ transplant facilities, and semiconductor manufacturing plants around the world.

Made in the USA

This pass-through, like most of G2’s products, is fully customizable. These high quality products are built in our facility in Texas. Optional features can include KleenWipe™ seamless interior for easy cleaning or decontamination, touchless infrared door controls, magnetic interlocks, RFID card readers for access control, special finishes (electro-polish, powdercoat for matching room decor, etc.) and more. G2 offers a full spectrum of furniture and equipment for laboratory, hospital, medical, research, semiconductor, and other industry facilities.