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How to Select a Pass-Through

EnviroPass® Custom Pass-through with Large window and shelves shown with doors closed

Step 1 ) Determine use…for Example:

– Cleanroom / Semiconductor / Wafer fabrication

– Pharmacy

– Medical or Specimen Transfer

– Pharmacy

– Laboratory

– Bio-Medical

– Fire-Rated facility

– Radiation/Cath Lab


Step 2) What type of floor do you require?

–Raised Floor – Safe for most general facilities that are not concerned about material growth

–Seamless Floor – (KleenWipe) Areas that may be transferring liquids or may want an easy way to clean.  The floor is broke at 90 degrees and has seams at top of pass-through

–Biological Floors – (EntireSeam) Biological or facilities that need complete cleaning access.  All corners are rounded and have radius corners and no lip edges


Step 3) Choose your special features or requirements

–Interlock (if so what type?) – Electric, mechanical, internal

–Windows, Shelves, etc.