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Types of EnviroPass® Pass-Through Consoles

EnviroPass® Custom Pass-through wall-height with see through windowsfront detail

G2 Automated Technologies specializes in multiple function Pass-Through Consoles. These units significantly cut down on contamination by providing a safer way to transfer equipment and industry related products from Room to Room.

Made with a wide variety of materials, G2 will ensure you have the right equipment to ensure clean operation for your stringent particle requirements. Most models include our standard safety glass viewing windows, and stainless steel hardware. We also manufacture Polypropylene and PVC models designed specifically to meet chemical resistance and particle control. All EnviroPass® models are also available with mechanical interlocking mechanisms that keeps personnel from opening doors simultaneously and creating cross contamination between environments.

Pass-Through Types:
Specimen Pass-Through & Single-Walled Standard Pass-Through – Standard Designs for Industry

Seamless KleenWipe™ – 90° Corner Floors for Easy Clean Up

Fire Rated – 90 Minute Rated Doors – Available with or Without Fire Rated Glass

Radiation/Cath Labs – Lead Lined Walls and Doors (available with lead-lined glass or without)

Biological Pass-Through – Clean Wipe Interiors, Rounded Corners. With/Without Glass with Gasket Poured Door

Chemical Resistant – Polypropylene Design for Harsh Chemical Environments

Powder Coated Mild Steel Designs – Economy Versions of Color-Matched Mild Steel for Laboratories and Other Facilities

Acrylic Pass-Through – Cleanroom and Semiconductor Applications

Case Work Cabinets and Desks – Stainless Steel Fixtures with Integrated Pass-Through’s

Custom Designed Applications – G2 Can Custom Design and Pass-Through to Meet User Requirements